Project information

Sensei system for managing events and certifications

This platform allows the administration and management of certifications for people or companies dictated by the main client, MSA de Argentina, or by certified companies to carry out the courses or training and their modules. The system allows the conformation of the modules that make up the different certifications to be issued in events that are designed and armed at will, and where the interested parties are registered, who are invited by means of QR codes or emails through which they access the records enabled for such events. After registering in the event, and during it, the participation of the listeners is recorded, their qualifications (if they have them) and finally a certificate with an established duration is issued.Then each certified person will be able to observe their certifications and their expiration dates. It admits entry by business partners as well as end customers who want to know both the status of their certifications, that of their employees as well as the next events to participate.