Project information

  • Category : Web Platform
  • Client : MSA Company - subsidiaries of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru
  • Project date: 01 March, 2005
  • Project URL: INTRANET - EXTRANET restricted use

Technical Service Extranet Base

This platform, originally commissioned by the MSA Company of Argentina and which is currently operating in 5 Latin American countries where the Company has subsidiaries. This system is in constant expansion and improvement since 2005 and its purpose is to give traceability to the equipment and devices that the brand manufactures and markets, as well as others that are maintained and constantly supported. The system controls from the initial entry of the equipment and each process or task that is carried out on it, be it maintenance, repairs or exchanges. Issues calibration certificates, pdf documentation such as quotes, calibrations, issuance of emails with quotes. It has statuses scheduled in time to control the performance of the company. It admits entry by business partners as well as end customers who want to know both the status of their order and the history of their equipment.